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My name is Blue Hovatter and I am a private math tutor who specializes in tutoring AP Calculus and College Level math courses (college algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus). I have been a professional tutor since I started studying math education while in college. I found that I really loved the one-on-one aspect of private tutoring. So after completing college, I decided to focus entirely on being a private math tutor. 20+ years later, I still love it, and incredibly good at it.

As more and more math courses started going entirely online with their homework, quizzes, etc, I also moved online with my tutoring. I have been tutoring students online for 10+ years. I use an online classroom software called Adobe Connect. We are able to share screens and communicate via talk or text. I take screen shots and write on top of them while we talk through the solutions. At the end of the session I email you all the notes from the session, and, if you request, a link to watch a video of the session.

I do not have a one size fits all style of teaching. I work with you to find where the connections are not being made, and help you to make them.

I do not believe that everyone should have to love math, and will work with you to make the process of taking a math course as painless as possible.

I do not lecture you during our tutoring session. I will definitely provide you a deeper understanding of concepts, but my sessions are not just me talking at you about a subject (you get enough of that in class). What I do is answer any and all questions that you might have. Ideally we are diving into your specific questions from your homework, quiz, or other material.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to Contact Me.LinkedIn Profile