Below you will find my up-to-date tutoring availability schedule.

  • All appointments are online and are $75/hr
  • I use an online classroom to share screens with you. You do not need a webcam.
  • I write on top of the problems while I talk you through the solutions.
  • You can ask ALL the questions you want via voice or chat.
  • At the end of the session you get a PDF of the notes, and, if you request, a link to watch a video of the session as much as you need.
  • You will not need to pay for your appointments at the time of booking.
  • To book an appointment:
    Step 1: Choose your timezone in the menu at the top left of the calendar.
    Step 2: Click on any day to see all the times available on that day.
    Step 3: Select the time you would like to book.
    Step 4: Complete the booking process.
    Please Contact Me if you have any questions.